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50X European
Tech Tour

  • Zurich
  • Munich
  • Stockholm
  • Oslo
  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • Paris
  • Lisbon
  • Madrid

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Attending retailers include:

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50X is an intimate and tailored event that takes innovative tech products direct to 300+ buyers and key decision makers from leading retailers across Europe.

We are always looking for exciting new tech brands to showcase. If you believe that is you then tell us about your brand to apply for a place.

We would love to hear from you.

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Frequently asked questions

Do we have to work with Bullboat after the event?

There is no commitment to work with Bullboat. The event main goal is to show innovative products to retailers.

Does the brand have to be present at the event?

It is not required to attend but brands are more than welcome. Our team will schedule a time to train about the product and will be presenting the products to buyers on your behalf. Given the number of locations across multiple countries we understand the challenges to attend.

Are you able to show only one product or multiple products?

Each brand is presented on a plinth however we do have alternative large plinths to display brands that have multiple products.

What if we already have a distributors in some of the markets?

There is no commitment to work with Bullboat. We can refer the retailers to the local distribution partners.

About the organiser

Established in 2009, Bullboat is a leading distributor for innovative consumer products. We help promising technology brands build and scale in Europe through creative sales and marketing activities.

We provide a turn key solution for startups entering the European market and have successfully launched brands including Misfit, TrackR, Prynt, Bluesmart, Rocketbook, Meural, Upright and more.

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